Greetings in the name of our gracious Lord to all TeamBoaz’ supporters always in prayers with donation!

Every TeamBoaz’ project is for helping poor neighbours – that is, operation of kindergarten and after school class for children in poor villages, lacking the opportunity to get quality education : teaching IT to local seminary students who will be the church leaders in future : medical ervice to refugees staying in Indonesia without any promise until their second nationality is settled.

While confronting these people under TeamBoaz’ support, situated in diverse positions, an inspiration strikes me. “How come I am in a position to help them and they are in a position to be helped?” “If I were born in a poor village outside of Jakarta like them, or if I were born of an ethnic minority in Afghanistan, or if I were born in Korean peninsula under Japanese colonial rule in 1900s or I were a child of a POW in the North Korea in 1960s?” “Was it indeed possible that I would have been the present self in any situations?

The answer was, of course, “No.” I could also have suffered in dire poverty, living in other countries as a refugee. I could have lived, with no idea on any dream, in a leaking shanty of a Jakarta slum village. I could have survived in a coal mine village in Aoji, filling the empty stomach with coal ashes, stigmatized as the descendant of a puppet army all my life. 

By the way, I was born by my parents in 1975 in the Republic of Korea and therfore, I could have grown up enloying and learning many things. It can’t be denied that the reason why I am in a position to help someone, lies not in my superiority or good-nature, but on His planned setting.  

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”(Jeremiah 1:5)

That surely sounds right My being myself is entirely made by the grace of Lord and therefore, there is nothing to be proud of. As there is His distinct plan for my being myself, according to the will of Lord who raises me up so as to be of help to difficult neighborhood, I only do my best to deliver His love.


Last Feb 23, TeamBoaz did its third medical service in Bogor district where Afghanistan refugees reside. In particular, the support from Karis (professional enterprise of the snake skin handbag), a Christian enterprise, and our Consulting & Tour made a significant contribution to this event.

When we had the first medical service here in December last year, there was much wary atmosphere in doubt if we approached them for a religious purpose. (evangelism) However, after having watched our continued and persistent endeavor, now they show their changed attitudes, volunteering in our service.

For smooth operation of medical service, young refugees, who can speak English, are taking on interpretation. Their support got even more active than that at the first service. When the service completed and equipments were packed, those who received medical treatments came up to us and sincerely appreciated our concern for them by placing their right hands on their chests. Now it seems that they’ve got to accept our affection without suspicion.

TeamBoaz’ medical mission is carried out together with 3 physicians and 3 dentists associated to Indonesian Christian Doctors Association. We have a brief time to  pray in the name of Christ just before starting medical service and after finishing the ervice. It is only the time to reveal our identity.

TeamBoaz’ educational service also is consistently carried out well. 

Teaching IT to local seminary students is done by TeamBoaz staffs to visit the seminary in the morning every Saturday. It is my wish during prayer that our muslim staffs may encounter Jesus Christ through interchange with seminary students.

Sumbarkasih(Origin of Love) kindergarten started 2nd semester after the winter vacation. About 40 inmates have steady learning. The teacher is the local seminary student on placement. Every year one female seminary student of 3rd grade is arranged to Sumbarkasi kindergarten on placement. Through the cooperation with the local seminary, Sumbarkasi kindergarten could be set up as a model of sustainable missionary work.

Saptu Ceria (pleasant Saturday) after-school class too started 2nd semester. The volunteer teachers of this after-school class are also the local seminary students. Every Saturday they go to 5 poor villages in a Tangurang suburb and teach students of the primary, middle and high school diverse subjects.

The last mission is cooperation with ISF. That is to have meetings for relationship and mentoring once every month with Indonesian students, who have studied in Korea. In case of the third world students having studied/studying in Korea, they tend to have bad impression about Korea and in the hope to be an opportunity to ease such discomfort, the meeting is continued. On the last Lunar New Year we played Yutnory game(typical Korean folk game) at my house. They said that they have never played such a game before. Upon hearing such conversation, I could once again find out that Korean management program for oversease students is coarse.


  1. Please pray for qualitative and quantitative growth of Chrombit that wants to be a model of good enterprise, that supplies good jobs, and to be a path to blessings. It is desired that Indonesian’s quality of life may improve by virtue of the products and services provided by Chrombit. Your prayer is requested for the growth in both quality and volume of the enterprise.
  2. Please pray that our workers will be able to experience Jesus Christ’s love and grace at the job sites. Ministering Gospel by living out is more effective than that by words. Your intercessory prayer is, therefore, requested for me to live out a model of true Christianity.

  3. Please pray for mCash to succeed conversion to a new business model. It is now proceeding development of a new solution to be completed by the end of August ….

  4. It is desired that, through Team Boaz’s service, staffs of mCash and Chrombit can enjoy the pleasure welling up in the services with their skills. First of all, it is earnestly desired that they should encounter Jesus Christ Gospel. Please pray for this.

  5. Please pray for me, in charge of the branch manager of ISF (International Students Forum) in Indonesia, to fully cope with the role and build my career in Indonesia, and to keep the networking with those graduates, who can speak for Korea, and accordingly, together with them to be able to continue doing variable activity to introduce S. Korea into Indonesia.

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