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Greetings in the name of our gracious Lord to all TeamBoaz’ supporters always in prayers! In a twinkle, the year 2017 has passed away and now it’s in the middle of February 2018.

Due to various assignments overburdened to this incapable servant, the fourth quarter report of 2017 has been delayed. Nonetheless, He has allowed me respiration and continued to put on me His assignments. Praise be to the Lord for His profound benevolence!

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” (1Corinthians 1:27)

Even though I am not so competent as others and have no wealth, I could have been doing both the missionary and the business entirely depending on Him, only based on more confidence in God’s living than witnessing his existence, which I have got through my life. To me still weak in faith, every month has been so precious time that lets me experience God, who guided the Israelite with pillars of fire and clouds, and continue to grow my faith.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9)”

From the worldly view-point, TeamBoaz’ mission looks impossible to be executed. However, in the 4th quarter also, TeamBoaz faithfully did, as usual, the kindergarten service, the class service after school, teaching seminary students IT and the medical mission.


This 4th quarter was the period for Chrombit to reach a little bit more stable stage. It has sustained by obtaining a single new project every month, but entering into 4th quarter, it obtained two long term projects and has come to expect stable income for the time being.

The company, having placed the order of an app developing project with us this time, is owned by a local Christian. We heard that this company had long delayed the project because they could not find the reliable enterprise to assign the project to, and after meeting with Chrombit, they decided to start the project.

The mCash has had lots of twists and turns in the 4th quarter. For the last 8 months of operation, it could have fully tested the stability of the solution and its marketability, but it has been found that there needs enormous marketing cost for it to survive. Based on the past experience, therefore, we are now in preparation for the restart of operation, by developing a new fine business model appropriate for mCash.


In this 4th quarter, based on the financial support from Seoungbok Church, our strong supporter, and Karis (professional maker of snakeskin bags), a Christian enterprise, on December 8th TeamBoaz did medical mission work at Bogor district where Afghanistan refuges settle. 

The situation of the Afghanistan refuges in Bogor is much worse than that of others. Indonesian government has permitted group residence only, without supply of areas for the refuge village and therefore, they have to burden high cost of stay. It’s hardly possible for the refugee status to get jobs legally. In general, they bring the money enough to hold out for 2 years. By delay of the information of the Decision of Settlement from UN, almost half of them elapsed 2 years and accordingly, their physical and spiritual stress is said to be far beyond the imagination.   

In addition, their foreigners’ status burdens them much higher prices for medical services than those of the locals and therefore, it’s almost impossible for them to get medical services. TeamBoaz has decided to concentrate its medical mission work to the Afghanistan refuges in Bogor for the time being.

ISF in my charge in Indonesia (mission toward Indonesian students having studied and/or studying in S. Korea) continues. Once every month, we persistently have meetings for friendship by sharing Korean food. It is really thankful that the participants are increasing despite of their busy works.


  1. Please pray for qualitative and quantitative growth of Chrombit that wants to become a model of good enterprise that supplies good jobs and to be a path to blessings. It is desired that Indonesian’s quality of life may improve by virtue of the products and services provided by Chrombit. Your prayer is requested for the growth in both quality and volume of the enterprise.
  2. Please pray that our workers will be able to experience Jesus Christ’s love and grace at the job sites. Ministering Gospel by living is more effective than that by words. Your intercessory prayer is, therefore, requested for me to live out as a model of true Christianity.
  3. Please pray for mCash to succeed conversion of a new business model. Please pray for the development of a model that supplies such a solution that can attract keen interest in the market.
  4. It is desired that, through Team Boaz’s service, staffs of mCash and Chrombit can enjoy the pleasure welling up in the services with their skills. First of all, it is earnestly desired that they should contact Jesus Christ Gospel. Please pray for this.
  5. Please pray for me, in charge of the branch manager of ISF (International Students Forum) in Indonesia, to fully cope with the role and accordingly, to build my career in Indonesia, and to be able to continue doing variable activity to introduce S. Korea in Indonesia by persistent networking with those graduates who can speak for S. Korea.

Guidance on Patronage

Team Boaz is a nonprofit organization (NGO). Backed up by your patronage and prayer, we can spread Christ’s love. We look forward to sponsorship from those who sympathize on the effect of our mission.

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