Greetings in the name of God to supporters of TeamBoaz.

Half of the year 2017 has already elapsed. Really, it’s swift time. In God’s elaborate scheme, TeamBoaz’s missionary work has been extending the realm at a steady pace. Whenever the capacity of TeamBoaz grows, it is inevitable for me to get in touch with God who precedes and commits no error. I am deeply moved by being given the opportunity to experience His wonder while living in this momentary and uncertain life.

When I entered into the business at first, my thought was like; “I have a talent for business. And therefore, God leads me to the business ministry. By making the best use of my talent I will have to glorify God”. In retrospect, the business ministry was a training arena provided by God for making me, who is haughty and deficient, an appropriate instrument for His purpose.


What I always realize during the business is my destitution. It reminds me very often that the origin of all the problems lies in me. If I could be more competent or more aggressive or could have better networks!!! Such a circumstance enforces me to entirely depend on God.

How great blessing to me this is in actuality! When depending on our president, omniscient and omnipotent God, who knows exactly every our situation and how to tackle the problem, His exquisite management I could witness! By this grace I have been enduring.

The business of Chrombit and mCash in the second quarter of 2017 was in hardship. Chrombit needs for continuity of new projects. But I couldn’t fully support because I had to handle two companies. Accordingly, it is still in hardship to get new projects.

For mCash, it has been 3 months since its full-scale marketing started. It is not so easy to attract franchisees as expected. Though the item is important in doing business, it is more important to let the customers and users of the item know how to use it easily and continuously in their ordinary life.

At the stage of planning and developing of the project we do not know too many unimaginable problems to happen in the actual use of the item at the site. The key for success in business is to grasp the innumerable issues and tackle them quickly and precisely; It’s the critical lesson to me.

In the 2nd quarter, Chrombit recruited one web-programmer and mCash, one android developer and one marketing director. As confessed in the last letter, entirely by God’s Grace, our companies are blessed with wonderfully competent staffs recruited. This time too, they are great helpers to me, who’s incompetent. This happens thanks to supporters’ intermediary prayer.


The 2nd quarter of 2017 marked an epoch for TeamBoaz to extend its missionary realm. It is at last equipped with the ability to do medical missionary in the 3rd year after its start-up of missionary work. God has connected TeamBoaz to missionaries of a couple, Mr. Lee Dongsik and Mrs. Choe Youngmi dispatched from the Methodist Church, having fervent zeal for medical missionary. So, on the last May 4th could be made the initial service towards the residents in the slum where Sumbarkasi(Origin of Love)  kindergarten is located.

In the morning there started gathering the residents having heard the news through the home correspondence that Sumbar Kasih Kindergarten children had earlier brought to their parents. The yard of the kindergarten was filled with the old and the weak including mothers carrying babies.

In this service participated the beauty missionary team from Jakarta Nulpurun Church(Methodist) and the haircut service could be made to those who came to get medical service. In the beauty missionary team there was a settler who came from South Korea ten years ago for her husband’s business. She had operated a beauty salon in Korea before. Though she said that for long time she didn’t grasp the scissors, her professional dexterity remained.


Lastly one more informative thing to be shared with you:

TeamBoaz’s missionary in Indonesia includes the educational matter in the slum and the medical services at present. In South Korea, it has been to help foreign students from the Third-World to be settled in Korea for their comfortable studying and to grow up to become leaders in their countries when they return home after completing the study in Korea. However, the ultimate goal is to make them Christians.

This missionary work for foreign students in Korea requires the larger systematic support and I have been staying away far from Korea and therefore, it has been limited to Uzbekistan students. Meanwhile, in this 2nd quarter, I was introduced a Korean executive team from ISF (International Students Forum?). This organization has fervently served for about 20 years such a missionary work for foreign students as what TeamBoaz has been scheduling. In recognition of God’s preparation, TeamBoaz will do this service for foreign students in cooperation with ISF.


  1. Please pray for the growth of Chrombit, which wants to become a model of good enterprise that supplies good jobs and to be a path to blessings. It is desired that Indonesian’s quality of life may improve by virtue of the products and services provided by Chrombit. Your prayer is requested for the growth in both quality and volume of the enterprise.
  2. Please pray that our workers will be able to experience Jesus Christ’s love and grace at the job sites. Ministering Gospel by living is more effective than that by words. Your intercessory prayer is, therefore, requested for me to live out as a model of true Christianity.
  3. As the users of mCash can easily make continuous use of it when the franchisees of mCash increase, please pray that the mobilization of the franchisees can be smoothly accomplished.
  4. It is desirable that, through Team Boaz’s service, staffs could enjoy the pleasure welling up in the services with their skills. First of all, it’s desired that they should contact Jesus Christ Gospel. Please pray for this.
  5. Please pray that I can fully cope with the role of the branch manager of ISF (International Students Forum) in Indonesia, keeping steadfast network with graduates to represent Korea and to build their career in Indonesia, and together with them, can do various activities to publicize Korea in Indonesia.


Team Boaz is a nonprofit organization (NGO). Backed up by your patronage and prayer, we can spread Christ’s love. We look forward to sponsorship from those who sympathize on the effect of our missionary.

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