May God bless you, Team Boaz’s co-workers, zealous for ‘Good Fight’ in everyday life by grace of Jesus Christ, the Lord of faith and perfection. The monthly report has been delaying due to my being overburdened with various tasks.

In June and July, the time of summer vacation, we cancelled the after-school classroom, the kindergarten and the seminary students’ OJT of computers. The opening course for next semester is now in preparation to be completed by the end of July. And, therefore, the monthly report of June and July should cover the grace being experienced while participating in “CBMC Vision School” held in Manila, Philippines early June.


By an invitation of one of my acquaintances I happened to participate in a meeting of CBMC in my resident region and with it, I continue to particpate in the meetings of CBMC GGUMANG y Branch, Korean businessmen’s club mainly composed of Christian businessmen resident in Indonesia. It is quite impressive that, in the meetings, they discuss in honesty and sincerity various issues which they, as Christianity, confront in the business sites.

The definite cause, that brought me to this land of Indonesia as a layman businessman, though I graduated in theology, with resolution to spread the gospel not by words only but by living up to the Word, was the belief that the most important are the usual theology, usual belief and usual spirituality in our daily life.

Beyond such a faith as merely attending church in the belief of Jesus as our Savior and hardly attaining the ticket to Heaven, I thought the strongest mission power comes from serving Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, as my Lord, and obeying His planned mission given to me and, by Holy Spirit’s authoritative help, living up to real Christianity.

At the CBMC Vision School held in Manila, Philippines, the lecturers have summarized the contents as follows:

CBMC pursues how to deal with all those matters that, businessmen with usual theology, usual faith and usual spirituality, confront.

On this finding, I cannot but be moved by God’s Grace to have guided me to CBMC.

After returning from the event in Manila, I am more earnestly joining CMBC’s works. In fact, I have been feeling God’s rebuke. In the course of my life so far, He has made me have experiences, in full, of living God’s elaborate interference in everyone’s living. He even guided me to major in theology. Frankly, I’ve been lazy in sharing these experiences and understanding with others. From now on, it is expected to have more sharing of God’s grace through CBMC meetings and to give chances for me to learn more.

Chrombit is steadily growing since God took the burden of all the management. It is really felt that leaving the management to God’s care is even safer than my struggling. I wish to share this grace with you. The newly started application development company is in preparation, step by step, for 런칭 together with partners. The preparation proceeds in consultation with God even for the slightest decisions.


  1. Please pray for the growth of Chrombit, which wants to become a model of good enterprise that supplies good jobs and to be a path to blessings. It is desired that Indonesian’s quality of life may improve by virtue of the products and services provided by Chrombit. Your prayer is requested for the growth in both quality and volume of the enterprise.
  2. Please pray that our workers will be able to experience Jesus Christ’s love and grace at the job sites. Ministering Gospel by living is more effective than that by words. Your intercessory prayer is, therefore, requested for me to live out as a model of true Christianity.
  3. The new fintech business to be established in Indonesia is named “PT. Mobile Cash Indonesia” and organized in partnership with Chrombit, LYTO (the largest online game provider in Indonesia) and KCS (fintech app developer). Please pray for the partnership to be kept in harmony with cooperation and concede by overcoming greed.
  4. Please pray for the establishment of the corporation and the localization of the app program to be accomplished by the end of August and the marketing to be readily made in gradual increase.
  5. It is desirable that through Team Boaz’s service, staffs could enjoy the pleasure welling up in the services with their skills. First of all, it’s desired that they should contact Jesus Christ Gospel. Please pray for this.


Team Boaz is a nonprofit organization (NGO). Backed up by your patronage and prayer, we can spread Christ’s love. We look forward to sponsorship from those who sympathize on the effect of our missions.

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From brother in Jesus Christ,
Isaiah Lee Choongsil

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