May God’s grace and peace be full in the life of our confident TeamBoaz’s supporters. It has already elapsed a quarter of the year.

Recently I have time to contact God just upon awakening in the morning and just before sleeping at night, though it’s not long time, with praising and meditation of Words and prayer. Feeling His presence, I am full of joy in His peace. Although there is no change in my situation and the financial condition of the company gives no sign to be improved, I only inform God, “The Owner of the Company”, of the tasks that should be done by the owner and then, my heart gets rest, and, after some time, find Owner’s wonderful power that has solved the worrisome issues.

Chrombit is still at the stage of a toddler. Though the project continues without cease every month by virtue of God’s Grace, the way is far and rough for it to grow to become the most reliable web agency in Indonesia.

This month’s report is going to be summed up with what God, the real Owner of our company, has worked for us.
[The 5th day of the next month is workers’ payday. But the budgetary shortage was expected. Even though there were some receivable payments from customers, it was ambiguous to pressure them the payment. From yesterday God scolded me while I prayed for the short budget.

“Didn’t you say that I am the owner of your company? Then, why do you worry about what the owner should do? Don’t you trust me, your Owner?”

So, I prayed. “Would you then obtain a new project for the company……”. But yesterday no project was obtained. By the way, an e-mail came from one client to whom we had offered a quotation a week ago. It said that after careful study of the quotation, decision would be informed. Though it gave slight comfort, I was down due to no project being achieved as I willed. But this kind of situation gave no fear. As I did whenever there’s no response after the prayer, I must have inwardly thought like this. “That’s the way it goes……Could even God do any better? I have to work harder…..but how to manage?….”

This morning too, there’s no other way but to pray just upon awakening. Fell suddenly upon me the fear of the short budget. During prayer, this message came up in my mind.

“Leave it to me. That’s not your job. It’s the problem that I, the owner, have to solve at my discretion. If you continue to stick to the worry that’s my concern, it means that you disregard me.”

Today, came out this prayer perhaps because I heartily accepted the reality beyond my control. “Yes, Master! I will no more worry about this. You, the owner, are requested to solve this problem. I will do other things only.” After my morning prayer finished, when I was doing other things somewhat in a mood of “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be), came a SMS from one of the staffs.” A call from the bank asks our confirmation on the transaction, informing that some amount of Dollars was remitted to our account from a client in the U.S.” My shout for joy. “Amen, that’s right, of course…..”

For 2 years from the start-up of business until now, we have never delayed the payment of wages. We’ve come to be able to keep the record this month too.

How long should I continue to walk in this kind of disbelief?…..Outwardly boasting that He, who has everything and can do everything, is my father, I do not trust Him in actuality.

In memory of the fact that our God, the living Master of our company, has solved the pressing financial difficulties, this record is carried on the FaceBook.

Upon receiving the information that the mother of one of the children attending the Bencongan child-care center supported by Team Boaz has been severely ill, I paid a visit of sympathy. The house was situated in the shantytown. In the room reeked off stench from toilet and the kitchen was unspeakably unsanitary. The roof was leaking. It can hardly be called a house. It’s similar to living in the streets.

Her condition seemed to get even worse than that we have heard of. It looked as if the pain was so severe that she couldn’t have any thought.

According to a verbal message, she’s suffered from not only uterus cancer but other organic diseases and therefore, even the hospital gave up treatment. (Even though she couldn’t get normal treatment, by the government support, she had been diagnosed two, three times.)

Even though she is Islam, she asked us to offer prayers. It means that her mind is now opened. From two months before, four children are sent to the church in the premise of the seminary. These children are the first case that the mission was accomplished through our child-care center in the poor village. At the sight of her agony, I couldn’t but felt heartbroken sorrow. One thing only we could do was prayers. We offered an audible public prayer on the thought that, if she could be cured by the miracle of Jesus, the family would accept the gospel.


  1. Please pray for the growth of Chrombit. It’s desired for Chrombit to become a model of the good enterprise and the channel to blessings. It is wanted that Indonesian’s quality of life would improve through the products and services supplied by Chrombit. Please pray for the company’s growth in quality and volume.
  2. Please pray for the employees at Chrombit to experience Jesus Christ’s love and grace while working. Based on the belief that Evangelism through living is far more effective than that by words, you are requested to offer intercessory prayer for me to be able to live as a model of true Christianity.
  3. We are seeking investors for Chrombit. Please pray for us to meet those investors sharing the same vision with us.
  4. It is desired that through Team Boaz’s service, staffs could feel the joy that stems from services with their skills. First of all, it’s desired that they could learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your prayer for this is requested.
  5. Please pray for the cure of the mother of the child attending the child-care center at the poor village in Bencongan. At present, four children there are attending the church every Sunday. I have no doubt that the cure of the mother will become the critical moment for evangelization of the poor village in Bencongan. Every moment you are reminded, please pray for her cure. Her name is Kartini.

Team Boaz is a nonprofit organization (NGO). Backed up by your patronage and prayer, we can spread Christ’s love. We look forward to sponsorship from those who sympathize on the effect of our missioin.

  • Account Holder: Team Boaz
  • Bank: Hana Bank
  • Acct. No.: 366-910005-34304

From brother in Jesus Christ,
Isaiah Lee Choongsil