Greetings in the Name of God to supporters of TeamBoaz after a long interval! Owing to several tasks needed to be done in advance, the mission report for the October and November has now come out. The year 2016 has now less than one month left. In God’s name, I wish you to have the year end, recollecting the grace endowed by God in your life during the year with thanks offering.


Through the year, Chrombit is getting secure little by little with the grace of God, the owner. Steady clients are increasing. The staffs’ working capability has greatly increased and now they are doing the jobs by themselves without my deep involvement.

At the “2016 Interfood Jakarta”, the greatest food exhibition in Jakarta (Nov 9 – 12, 2016), we officially introduced “M-Cash”, the new Fintech business that we have prepared for last 6 months. M-Cash is a location-based O2O (Online to Offline) service platform with pre-order, delivery, reservation, and full pack of mobile payment and marketing solutions.

Lots of people visited M-Cash booth and showed keen interest, listening to the explanation about the service and having a trial performance. It is encouraging that throughout the exhibition we received lots of enquiry about the franchise of M-Cash service.


Saptu Ceria (the afterschool class run by TeamBoaz) entered into the two months’ vacation, after completion of the Autumn semester, at the end of the last November. As usual, in the Autumn semester our volunteer seminary students taught English, mathematics, mother tongue (Indonesian), computer and etc. to about 150 Muslim children at 4 poor villages in the suburbs of Jakarta.

The children at Sumber Kasih kindergarten learn hard day after day, wearing cute uniforms. From time to time, mothers of the children help the single teacher as assistants during the class. At Sumber Kasih kindergarten, they have the winter vacation, but it is operated in the same course of study and semester as those of other usual kindergartens and therefore, it is scheduling to start the spring semester after having 6 weeks’ vacation in a month.


  1. Please pray for the growth of Chrombit, which wants to become a model of good enterprise that supplies good jobs and to be a path to blessings. It is desired that Indonesian’s quality of life may improve by the products and services provided by Chrombit. Your prayer is requested for the growth in both quality and volume of the enterprise.
  2. Please pray that our workers will be able to experience Jesus Christ’s love and grace on the job sites. Ministering Gospel by living up to (Words) is more effective than that by words only. Your intercessory prayer is, therefore, requested for me to live up to as a model of true Christianity.
  3. We are looking for investors to M-Cash business. During the exhibition, we had investment negotiation with approx. 10 venture capitals. All of them showed high interest. However, the investment should be completed by the end of February next year. Please pray for this.
  4. It is really desirable that through TeamBoaz ministry, the staffs of M-Cash and Chrombit can meet the joy welling up in the services with their skills. First of all, it’s desired that they should contact Jesus Christ Gospel. Please pray for this.
  5. Another concert for supporting TeamBoaz is under preparation in cooperation with Jakarta Far East Broadcasting. You are requested to pray for the perfect preparation of the “White Concert” to be held on December 3.


Team Boaz is a nonprofit organization (NGO). Backed up by your patronage and prayer, we can spread Christ’s love. We look forward to sponsorship from those who sympathize on the effect of our mission.

  • Account Holder: Team Boaz
  • Bank: Hana Bank
  • No.: 366-910005-34304

From brother in Jesus Christ,
Isaiah Choongsil Lee