“The future of a country depends on nurturing its global talent.”

— Philosophy of TeamBoaz

TeamBoaz is a nonprofit organization, established in 2014 through the support of an elderly couple who have lived their whole life diligently and frugally. TeamBoaz is carrying out educational and medical support programs in Indonesia with the motto “The future of the country depends on nurturing talent.”

In particular, we are carrying out a ministry to support children in the Indonesian slums with the aim of not only realizing the potential of children by providing proper education and basic medical services to children, but also growing them into human resources who contribute to their communities.

Currently, we are holding Saturday After-School classes in six slums in the Tangerang area along with students from Indonesia Evangelical Seminary. There are about 100 Muslim children attending the After-School. Our volunteer teachers give English, Math, and Computer lessons to the children for free every Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm. We also operate a preschool in Bencongan.

Though we cannot share the gospel directly to Muslim children, we try to show Christ’s love through education and service. Through this ministry, we hope that children will realize that they are a precious being created in the image of God and possess high self-esteem so that they can live a worthy life.

We hope that the ministry of TeamBoaz will continue to bring hope and love to the hardest neighbors who need help. We ask for your interest and participation so that future generations bearing the future of this land will grow into people of good faith who have good influence in the world.


We envision a world in which all the children and youth can pursue a quality education and a proper medical service, realize their full potentials and contribute to their community and to the world.



Empowering children and youth from poor families in Indonesia to become the next Global Leaders by providing equality of educational opportunity.

Caring Indonesian people who have studied in Korea to maintain good feelings about Korea and mentoring them to serve as a bridge between Korea and Indonesia.





Good Stewardship